Thank you so so much Pavan! Everything was amazing – you went above and beyond! The Gurudwara decor was so gorgeous and your card was so sweet! That head table was just stunning! You have no idea how many compliments we got for the decor all week at all the events. I’ve forwarded your information to a few people already. Thanks for being so so great and accommodating! You made my wedding week that much better

Navi S

In all honesty, our experience with Pavneet was phenomenal, with the current COVID-19 situation our wedding plans had fluctuated a few times. Originally, we were having a destination wedding in Cancun, which transitioned into a local intimate wedding in Edmonton.

Gurleen & Tej

Everything for the wedding was so amazing Pavyn! The reception decorations turned out AMAZING! I’m so happy that you suggested the canopy, it really did make all the difference!

Also thank you for still making the backdrop at the party similar to a flower wall theme!!! It was perfect! I’m so glad I trusted you to take care of everything for me, I can’t imagine what I would have done without you!!!

Harvi Banga