What to look for in an Event Stylist and Designer

It’s your BIG DAY!! Decor plays a huge part among all the other entities in your wedding. It is very important to hire a professional who you can rely on and make your day beautiful. I want to discuss few attributes you should look for in an Event Stylist and Designer.

Reputation – You want to hire someone on your team who has a name in the Wedding Industry. A Professional and good decorator will always be committed to providing you quality work and assure you of a great experience. Client service and keeping you happy should be one of their main focuses. Decor setup should always be finished at least one hour before clients are about to arrive as no one should have to see the setup taking place. You want to be felt that you are in good hands.

Organized – You are hiring someone to take care of the decor for your special day. The decorator should be able to assure you that they can handle the decor, especially when they have more than one event happening in a day.

Contract – You will know you are working with a professional when you are provided with a proper contract that outlines the dates, payments, payment schedule, cancellation policies. It should also outline what has been chosen for the decor for your special day. There should be no hidden surprises or fees.

Style of work – You should hire someone that has a similar vision to what you want to incorporate in your special day. There are so many ways to find out the kind of work your decorator does. It’s very important to make sure they are presenting their work and not just of some random work picked off of the internet. Check their Instagram, Facebook, Google reviews, and website.

Professional – You are hiring and investing your savings into your special day that you have imagined for so long. It’s very important to find someone who is experienced, dedicated, hardworking, honest, and committed to helping you make your day special. Your decorator should always be able to tell you if they can commit to what is asked of them to do. You want to find someone who believes in under-promise and over-deliver.

Good listener – You need to connect to the decorator and feel that they are listening to what you want. The best is when you can build a personal connection with them.

Attention to detail – Finding a decorator is one thing but finding someone who pays attention to details is another. You must find someone who is known for their neatness. Look at their work for specific details like cleanliness, wrinkles, proportions, and presentation.

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